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Internet Providers St. John's Offering The Best Cheap Internet Plans St. John's, Newfoundland


When it comes to home internet on the rock, we offer home internet plans in St. John's, Newfoundland to all homes which can be reached by either the Rogers cable TV lines or the Eastlink TV lines. (In terms of the Eastlink lines, we only offer one plan.) Our plans do not include any TV channels, but they do include the cost of the cable TV line. We use Rogers and Eastlink installers. If you have questions, please use the contact form to ask them, before placing an order.

While we have not been offing home internet in St.John's since 24 June 1497, we have been for a number of years now. Please consider us for your home internet needs. As for internet providers St. John's and area (including Mt. Pearl), our team believes that we are the best internet provider in St. John's and the surrounding area. Googling the phrase cheap internet St. John's? We have really good prices on St. John's home internet plans. Home internet plans St. John's. Home internet St. John's. Internet service providers St. John's, with home internet plans which we feel are similar to Rogers internet plans. Try us for internet services and save.

Internet Providers St. John's NL

So, below is a set of fiber powered cable home internet plans that we offer using Rogers lines (we arrange and pay the cost of the Rogers line), below that set of plans is the one plan that we offer over the Eastlink lines. Please be sure to order from the correct set of plans! If you wish to be more certain before placing an order, then you may use the Contact form to request us to check the address in the computer systems and reply within 24 hours. (No charge to check.)

Over Rogers Lines in St. John's

Over Rogers lines:


Over Eastlink Lines in St. John's

Over Eastlink lines:

Best Internet Provider St. John's NL

Finding the best internet provider in St. John's, Newfoundland, can be a daunting task with so many factors to consider. From pricing and speed to reliability and customer service, making the right choice for your home or business is crucial. In this guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about internet providers in St. John's, helping you make an informed decision on the best ISP for your needs.

Internet Plans St. John's, Newfoundland

St. John's offers a variety of internet options, including DSL, cable, fiber-optic, and satellite connections. Each type of connection comes with its pros and cons, and the availability may vary depending on your location within the city.

DSL Internet vs. Cable Internet vs. Fiber-Optic Internet St. John's

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) uses your phone line to deliver internet service. It's often cheaper but may not provide the fastest internet speeds. Cable internet, on the other hand, is faster and more reliable than DSL but may get slower during peak usage times. Fiber-optic is the newest and fastest option, delivering high-speed internet through light signals in fiber cables, though it is not available everywhere.

Satellite Internet St. John's

For those in rural areas around St. John's, satellite internet may be the only option. While it can offer widespread coverage, it often comes with higher latency and is affected by weather conditions.

Top Internet Providers St. John's

When choosing an ISP in St. John's, it's essential to compare the different providers and what they offer. Here are some of the top ISPs in the area:

Rogers Internet Plans St. John's

Rogers is one of the most prominent providers in the area, offering a range of internet plans with varying speeds and prices. They often have promotions for new customers and bundle options for those who want to combine internet with TV or phone services.

Bell Aliant St. John's

Bell Aliant provides high-speed internet St. John's with fiber-optic technology to many parts of St. John's. They are known for their reliable service and offer various internet packages to suit different needs.


Another major player in St. John's is Eastlink, which offers internet, TV, and phone bundles. They have competitive prices and often run deals for new sign-ups.

Local Internet Providers St. John's

There are also several local ISPs that offer competitive rates and personalized customer service. These smaller companies can sometimes provide better deals than the larger corporations, especially for long-term customers.

Internet Cost Per Month in St. John's

The cost of internet in St. John's can vary widely based on the speed, type of connection, and provider you choose. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $40 to $120 per month for home internet.

Cheap Internet St. John's

For those looking for cheap internet St. John's, there are budget-friendly plans that still offer decent speeds for everyday use, such as browsing and streaming. It's always worth looking for promotions or asking providers about basic plans that meet your needs without breaking the bank.

Premium Internet Plans in St. John's

If you need high-speed internet for gaming, large downloads, or multiple devices, you might consider investing in a premium plan. While these come at a higher cost, they offer faster speeds and better reliability.

Evaluating Internet Speeds in St. John's

Internet speed is one of the most critical factors to consider when choosing an ISP. The required speed will depend on your usage habits. Here's a quick guide:

Remember, the advertised speed is the maximum speed under optimal conditions. It's always a good idea to read customer reviews or ask for a trial period to test the actual performance.

Customer Service and Reliability

Reliability and customer service are equally important as speed and cost. Research customer satisfaction ratings, read reviews, and consider the provider's reputation for handling issues and downtime.

Installation and Setup in St. John's

Some ISPs offer free installation, while others charge a fee. Consider the installation process, equipment rental costs, and any initial setup costs when comparing providers.

Contracts and Commitments in St. John's

Be sure to understand the terms of any contract before signing up for an internet service. Some ISPs require a commitment of one or two years, while others offer month-to-month plans.

Early Termination Fees

If you're considering a contract, check if there are early termination fees. These can be costly if you decide to switch providers before your contract is up.

Finding the Best Internet Deal St. John's

To find the best internet deals St. John's, start by comparing internet packages near me in St. John's. Look for:


Choosing the best internet provider in St. John's NL requires careful consideration of your needs and budget. Compare the speeds, costs, reliability, and customer service of various ISPs, and don't hesitate to negotiate or look for promotions. With the right research, you can find an internet plan that keeps you connected without overspending.

Whether you opt for a local provider or go with a national company, make sure to review the terms and conditions and understand what you're signing up for. With the right internet provider, you can enjoy fast, reliable service that meets all your online needs.

Remember to keep an eye on your usage and upgrade or downgrade your plan as necessary. As the internet landscape in St. John's continues to evolve, stay informed about new providers and emerging technologies to ensure you always have the best service available.