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Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service are fairly simple. By ordering and using our services you agree to our Terms of Service. This Terms of Service is governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario, and of Canada, and may be updated from time to time by us, without notice.

Covid 19 Screening

By placing an order with us, you confirm that nobody who lives in your household, including you:

If you cannot confirm all of this information to be true, please wait to submit your order until you can.

If you are no longer able to confirm this information between the time you submit your order and the time your services are scheduled to be installed, you agree to advise us of that change as soon as possible.

This safeguard is in place to protect your health and safety, and that of any installation technician that may be required.

Internet Plans & Speeds

Internet plans available only where access and technology permit. Plans availability (and actual speeds) may vary by location and address. Maximum internet speeds not guaranteed. Actual speeds experienced may also vary due to technical factors and practices.

Shared Internet Resources Policy

We will take steps to make sure that on the rare occasions where there is congestion, it least affects the most real-time protocols, like voice-over-IP and streaming media. Instead, less-real-time applications, like peer-to-peer file transfers, will be more likely to be affected.From what we have seen, even less-real-time applications will not be much affected. Few users—if any—should see any perceptible change in their experience, and more users will see a positive improvement in the use of real-time applications in congested circumstances. A little bit of management can go a very long way. Even when congestion does occur, slightly affecting less-real-time applications, it is those who have used the most bandwidth that day whose use of those applications will be the first to be affected by these measures.


Invoicing is from date of order. Unpaid orders may be cancelled. Unpaid orders will not normally be processed. A follow-on invoice will be sent to you by email about every 30 days. Invoices are due on the date they are created.

Automatic Charging of Credit Cards

Payment is usually to be made by credit card. In which case, your credit card will be kept on file and all future invoices will be charged to the default credit card on file, at the time each future invoice is created. You may manage your credit card numbers from with the Client Area of our website, please see the Login menu item at the top of the page on most pages of our site. If the credit card transaction is declined, we will continue to to try to charge it on each subsequent date. If you have questions please use the Contact form.

VoIP phone services - 911

If you are using VoIP phone services (from any provider) please be sure that your address is correct and current with your VoIP phone provider, or else any call for emergency services may result in them going to the wrong address. If you ever need help always give your address do not assume that they know it or can trace it.

The Copyright Act

Please respect The Copyright Act. Please do not use our internet plans for any illegal downloading (or sharing) of movies, series, TV shows, music, videos, games, etc, (or for any other types of illegal activities). Thank you. 😀

Our Company

The Urban Internet Company is an internet service provider, and it is a division of an incorporated company, details may be found on the Legal page of this site.